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We select products for testing.

We select products based on market research of popular supplements plus a tally of votes for specific products whenever we receive direct suggestions from consumers.

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We purchase those products.

We buy products through major retail stores and online sites, just like the everyday consumer. Labdoor does not accept samples from manufacturers for grading or ranking purposes.

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We collect testing data.

Analytical chemistry assays are performed on samples of each product at an FDA-registered lab. Default analyses include measurements of active ingredients and potential contaminants.

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We convert the data into scores.

We calculate a Quality score using laboratory results and label claims from each product. Quality scores are comprised of individual scores for Label Accuracy, Product Purity, Nutritional Value, Ingredient Safety, and Projected Efficacy.

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We generate rankings.

Products are ranked by overall Quality and by Value through a paired matching of Quality scores and price.

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We publish our results.

We publish detailed reports to summarize exactly what we found in our analyses and make this information and our rankings available to you for free.