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Drive conversion with your own end-to-end user experience.

Put your store front and center with Labdoor Click.

Labdoor Click allows you to bid and place your “Buy Now” button on each product you want to increase direct sales. No more intermediaries or giant marketplaces taking away your profits and custom user experience. You can create targeted campaigns for all products you wish and track your success directly from your own platform.

Create powerful campaigns with Labdoor Click.

With a robust and straightforward campaign manager, Labdoor Click enables you and your team to create, deliver and refine purposeful campaigns, selecting the right message and target audience. Get real-time conversion data and improve your marketing efforts without any middlemen.

Your products, your store, your way.

You work hard in your products and your store, crafting amazing user experience based on data analysis and user behavior. Let Labdoor Click drive customers directly into your website preventing unwanted interventions so you can create loyal and happy customers.