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What is Labdoor Click?

Click is a bid-based Ad platform powered by Labdoor to enable customers to drive sales by creating custom “Buy Now” buttons that take users directly to your online store.
Labdoor Click was designed for brands, retailers, ambassadors and companies with an online store presence.
Start today taking advantage of Labdoor’s trust and science backed products to drive direct traffic to your online store.
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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) with purpose.

Labdoor takes the guesswork out of the way for its users, providing real science reports and chemical analysis tested products.
After deciding which products to buy, Labdoor users have only one last thing to do, select on your available "Buy Now" button and finalize the purchase.
With conversion rates that average 22% the single missing piece is your button, as a buying option for our users.

Customize your "Buy Now" button campaign.

Preview exactly how your button is going to look.
Select any available product on Labdoor.
Create your unique message.
Select a specific target audience or launch it to the whole world.
Choose how long you want the campaign to run.
Have full control over your budget with a preselected daily budget for each campaign.
Manage your payment sources as you go.

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Start taking highly qualified users directly into your online store, eliminate all middlemen and take back control of your user experience, generating loyal customers.
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