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Sell with confidence with Labdoor Certifications.

Labdoor Certifications prove that your products meet the highest quality standards. This means that the millions of people who trust Labdoor's supplement testing will find your products featured on our site when they search for new products to buy.

Get your products on Labdoor.com.

Certifying with Labdoor goes beyond a logo on a product label. Labdoor Certifications are the only certifications that are optimized for online marketing:

Labdoor Certified companies receive a customizable company profile on Labdoor.com that features all products tested by Labdoor.

Every Labdoor Certified product gets its own page on Labdoor.com, which includes all certifications, testing data, and links to buy your products.

These profiles and pages are popular on search engines and social networks and make it easy for anyone to learn more about your company and products.

Labdoor is the #1 certification program online.

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Available Certifications

Validate the accuracy of your label claims, proactively prevent recalls with ongoing testing for pathogens, heavy metals, residual solvents and more.
Earn trust from athletes with ongoing testing of substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Certification Standards

Labdoor performs analytical chemical and microbiological testing on product samples to ensure that each product meets our quality standards. A product must pass all qualification standards for a given certification program to earn that Labdoor certification. For specific qualification criteria for each certification offered by Labdoor, see: Labdoor Certification Standards.

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Other Testing Services

Labdoor also offers custom testing services for a wide range of products and ingredients. Use Labdoor’s scientific expertise for all of your product development, quality control, and quality assurance needs: Get a Quote.