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Display continuous quality of your products

Showcase steady quality and earn customers' trust in one or your entire line of products with Labdoor.

The Labdoor Quality Certification Program is a 12 month, renewable subscription service that allows your products to be featured on our website and get tested for quality as many times as needed, at a cost price.

Labdoor Quality Certification Program process

You decide which products (as low as one) your brand wants to enroll in the program.

Labdoor determines the eligibility of each product under its transparency policy.

You will be provided with a quote/invoice for the enrollment in the Labdoor Quality Certification Program.

Upon payment of the invoice, Labdoor will start the affiliate program enrollment and set up the brand's preferred online store link for each product.

Labdoor will collect all pertinent information and media files for each enrolled product to guarantee maximum exposure and quality of information on labdoor.com.

After collecting all the necessary information, Labdoor will start the publishing process, which can take up to 7 business days.

The product(s) will be displayed in their respective categories/rankings with "Upcoming" product status.

The brand has 90 days to submit samples and initiate the chemical analysis process in order to get Labdoor Quality and/or Sports Certifications.

At each step of the process, the product status will change accordingly: "Upcoming", "In Progress", and "Certified". The product status will be displayed on our rankings for as long as the Labdoor Quality Certification Program is valid for that product.


Brands will be able to renew their subscription starting 45 days before the program expires. Brands can also decide to add or remove products from the program during that time.

After the program expiration, Labdoor will provide a grace period of 30 days displaying "Expired" as the product status. If the program is not renewed, Labdoor will remove all enrolled products and brand information from labdoor.com.

Subscription Management

A brand will be able to add new products to their current Labdoor Quality Certification Program at any given time.

A brand will also be able to remove a product from their current Labdoor Quality Program subscription with no extra cost. No refunds will be provided for the removed product(s).

Get started with Labdoor Quality Certification Program.