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Why does Labdoor sell products?

One of Labdoor's founding values is that, first and foremost, we would be built for the consumer and funded by the consumer. This principle repelled us from many of the conventional funding sources for organizations like ours, including government grants and manufacturer support.

Early in our company's life, we developed the idea for a new consumer-focused business model, which we call "verified commerce".

Consumers would be able to vote with their dollars - if Labdoor was the best, most trusted source of product data and rankings, then consumers would start at Labdoor every time they needed to buy a product. Once they found the best products for them, we would offer them the easiest ways to purchase these products. And Labdoor would receive a portion of every dollar spent by consumers who purchased products on our site or through our affiliate links.

Labdoor launched our first "verified commerce" experiment in November 2013, and it quickly became the most popular feature on our site. Many thousands of people have purchased products through our site, supporting the testing of hundreds of new products.

It's a virtuous cycle - accurate data drives trusted information, which drives informed purchases, which drives more accurate data!

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Our promise to consumers

Labdoor will never sell a product that it has not tested:

We always prioritize data quality over product quantity.

Labdoor will never favor a specific product.

We strive to offer purchasing options for every product on our site. We test. You decide.

Labdoor will never allow manufacturers to influence our ratings.

We work for you, and we take that responsibility seriously. No threats of lawsuits or offers of cash can change our principles.

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Consumers win

You get more information for free.

We don't rely on subscriptions for our revenue, so we can offer you much more data for free.

You ensure more products are tested.

We are powered by your support. Each new customer helps fund our research and development.

You control Labdoor's destiny.

We will have to earn your trust with every new purchase. Labdoor will only survive as long as it is the best, most trusted source of product data and rankings.

Still have questions?

Ask us anything. We're @Labdoor on Facebook and Twitter You can also reach us at contact@labdoor.com or message us directly through our website https://labdoor.com/contact-us.