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As consumers, we'd like to think that the vitamins and supplements we buy are effective and safe. In reality, this isn't always the case.

Labdoor is an independent company that tests supplements. We find out whether products have what they claim and if they have any harmful ingredients or contaminants. Then, we grade and rank those products, write reports, and publish that information for free, so consumers can confidently buy the best supplements for their health.

How does Labdoor test products?

We buy products off retail shelves and online sites. Then, we send a sample of each product to an FDA-registered laboratory for a detailed chemical analysis, which includes measurements of active ingredients and potential contaminants. Learn more.

How does Labdoor grade products?

We calculate a Quality score for each product using their label claims and laboratory testing results. Quality scores are comprised of individual scores for Label Accuracy, Product Purity, Nutritional Value, Ingredient Safety, and Projected Efficacy. Learn more.

Are companies allowed to challenge Labdoor's results?

We're open to science-based conversations with all manufacturers. If you'd like to learn more about a specific product review or have additional data to support a product’s claims, please send us a message at contact@labdoor.com. Learn more.

How often does Labdoor test products?

We strive to add at least one new product category to our site every month and update existing categories at least once every 24 months.

How does Labdoor decide what products to test?

First, we prioritize new product categories based on the number of people following each of our upcoming rankings. Then, we select products based on market research of popular supplements plus a tally of votes for specific products whenever we receive direct suggestions from consumers. To request a product for testing, please email contact@labdoor.com or message us directly here .

Is Labdoor a non-profit or for-profit organization?

Labdoor is a mission-driven, for-profit company. We are dedicated to helping consumers better understand the products they entrust with their health. In service of this mission, we believe that a for-profit model built, first and foremost, for the consumer helps us best achieve this goal.

Is Labdoor an independent organization?

Yes. Labdoor is an independent company funded by revenue generated through our website and by investments from a group of angel investors and venture capitalists, led by Rock Health, Mark Cuban, Y Combinator, and Floodgate.

We do not accept contributions or donations of any kind from manufacturers to rank products on our site.

How does Labdoor make money?

Labdoor makes money in two ways. First, we receive a portion of every dollar spent by consumers who purchase products directly from our site. Second, we offer testing services for companies that need independent validation of their product quality

Why does Labdoor sell products? How does it stay unbiased?

This business model aligns our interests with consumers and allows us to provide more services for free to you. We add “Buy it now" links to products on our site whenever possible, regardless of their grades, to maximize your purchasing options. More than 15 million people have shopped on our site, supporting the testing of hundreds of new products. Learn more.

Does Labdoor provide professional medical advice?

No. Labdoor is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice from licensed health professionals. Always consult your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding specific products, diagnoses, or treatments.

Still have questions?

Ask us anything. We're @Labdoor on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter . You can also reach us at contact@labdoor.com or message us directly here .