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69.3 of 100
Quality Rank 24 of 54

Value Rank 35 of 54


Ratings and Key Data

One serving of Bausch and Lomb Ocuvite recorded 350mg omega-3 fatty acids, consisting of 180mg EPA and 100mg DHA. Furthermore, EPA + DHA content accounted for 42% of total fish oil content.

Label Accuracy
Product Purity
Nutritional Value
Ingredient Safety
Projected Efficacy
  • Analytical Tests 7
  • Serving Size 1 Soft Gel
  • Total Omega-3 350mg
  • EPA/Serving 180mg
  • DHA/Serving 100mg
  • Mercury 2 PPB (Upper Limit = 100 PPB)
  • PCB <0.01 PPM (Upper Limit = 0.09 PPM)
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